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We sell original heatsticks for IQOS devices. HEETS made in Russia, Kazakhstan origin.
We deliver across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaima. Delivery is free for all orders from 3 boxes, otherwise charged 30 AED.
Discounts on purchases from 5 blocks. Personal discounts for regular customers.
IQOS is a basically new way of using tobacco that has emerged in reaction to the trend towards a much healthier lifestyle. Technologically, IQOS is a tool for home heating tobacco, developed by Philip Morris International. Its difference from cigarettes is that a cigarette burns cigarette, yet in IQOS - not. Why is it important?
When smoking cigarettes, cigarette as well as paper in a cigarette melt. Due to this regarding 6000 various substances are produced, among which are hazardous items of burning, consisting of tar as well as carbon monoxide gas. IQOS does not set fire to cigarette, however just warms it to 350 degrees Celsius. Because of this, there is no smoke, ash and combustion items, and the amount of unsafe substances released is usually lowered by 90-95% contrasted to a cigarette. 3.7 million smokers worldwide have already given up cigarettes in favor of IQOS.
If you are from Dubai, you absolutely intend to check it out because the advancement popularity is growing each day. Below you will certainly find all the info you need to learn more about and to buy IQOS and HEETS in Dubai.
Buy IQOS in Dubai
Smoking has become a part of arabic society. You can find IQOS shops online or anywhere all over the UAE (particularly in Dubai). The factor for that is that the IQOS heater has a great deal of advantages:

IQOS does not send out the particular sharp smell of charred cigarette during operation. That's why, when steaming with this gadget, the cigarette smoker's hands, hair and also garments will certainly scent the perfume he applied in the morning when leaving your house;
Almost total lack of cancer causing factors, including materials, residue, carbon monoxide gas;
No distinctive yellow plaque on the cigarette smoker's teeth and fingers. No smoke, no soot, which suggests no filthy brownish teeth;
IQOS provides no involuntary inhalation result. Aerosol generated by evaporation of sticks virtually does not hurt people that remain in the exact same room as the smoker;
The tool can be used in nearly any area, automobile or public location. Ashes, smoke and also undesirable smells are completely lacking, so IQOS can soar freely at your work environment, coffee shop or dining establishment;
Aerosol inhaled by a smoker does not plain the taste buds. Consequently, the IQOS user will certainly always have the ability to quickly distinguish between the smells as well as preferences of the dishes he eats, along with the smell of perfumes and natural fragrances;
IQOS permits you to delight in real aroma of tobacco, without the flavor of burning and residue, which is regular for regular smoking cigarettes.

HeatSticks Dubai

Heets are cigarette items made with many different tastes as well as a particular number of filter levels. These sticks were created for usage in the IQOS smoking system.

Heets make-up:
A tobacco blend in which tobacco is suggested with glycerin, flavourings and propylene glycol are added.
The acetate part of a filter with a round form made use of to create a cigarette vapour stream.
"Tape" filter, designed to decrease the temperature of the aerosol.
Acetate filter for cleaning up the primary stream of tobacco vapour.

HEETS Online Shop

HEETS Yellow Label. It's one of the most delicate sort of non-menthol ones. It's a delicate and aromatic cigarette hood with fiery notes. No stronghold, basically no smoke. Throat's not dropping, yet you appear to obtain high. Perfect for newbies.
HEETS Amber Label is an uncommon sort of cigarette with light woody as well as nutty notes. This flavor is extra rich than the previous one. In the event that the first was around 1, it is considerably similar to a three-way. Cigarette smokers that have rather lately altered to IQOS won't have the choice to get light timber or pecan notes. It's only an extra based flavor, from another location like stogies. On a basic level, it is reasonable for day after day use. The very first puffs offer a little "throat hit", tracked by fundamental smoking as well as immersion with pure nicotine.
HEETS Bronze Label is a fragile aromatic mix with light notes of chocolate and also dried organic products. It's a normally brand-new flavor. The most based preference of tobacco in the Heets collection. It's ideal for the people who simply obtained snared.
HEETS Gold has the "velour" kind of tobacco. Gold Choice is considered as the classic one among Bronze as well as Amber. One of the most popular Heets in Dubai.
HEETS Silver Selection. The flavor of Silver Option is fragile, with plain residence expanded notes. It is the least "serious" of the whole Heets collection, and also feels a lot more pleasant than Yellow Selection. Heets Silver in addition has a light, plain, unbiased and also subtle taste.

HEETS Turquoise Label is a chilly menthol as well as smooth tobacco blend with fragile spicy notes. It is tough to smoke them constantly. It fits impeccably in the main stages of the changing to IQOS as it provides an observable TH, and also closeness to the ambiance of a conventional cigarette.
HEETS Purple Wave - is a cigarette mix with a sort of menthol as well as timberland berries. It serves to swap it with Bronze Tag, for instance. From the first puff it hits the throat usually, then opens with menthol as well as backwoods berry delayed taste impact. It's an exceptionally wonderful preference. Perfect for regular use.
HEETS Green Zing - a rich and cooling menthol enhanced with brand-new citrus as well as natural notes. It's also a reasonably brand-new taste. Suits well for tenderfoots. The major colleague with this preference is a little acrid lemon. Then a rather aged tea was added to this extra pound of taste. Perfect for reviving yourself, or getting the view of tea with lemon if it's nowhere to be located.
Our shop provides you the most effective Heets cost in Dubai no matter if you obtain a pack of Heets or a block of packs. It never ever was that simple to acquire Heets online. We do shipment all over the UAE.

New HEETS Creations

Apricity HEETS - saturated and also rich. Tobacco mix is with woody and sweet fruity notes, completed with a smooth rich postponed flavor impression. Sweet-smelling notes: cozy fruity notes.

Noor HEETS - warm and also citrus. An abundant cigarette mix with a cozy nut flavor and also breakable citrus and also fruity notes. Aromatic notes: delicate citrus notes.

Luster HEETS - delicate and aromatic. A fragile mix of new tastes and also aromatic herbs, which gathers a fragile smooth delayed flavor impact. Fragrant notes: aromatic natural herbs.

Yugen HEETS - rich and herb. A great blend of fruity notes and flower fragrances with a finishing new consistency. Great smelling notes: brand-new flower notes.
The coolest point is that you can not just buy Heets in Dubai however we also supply all the new tags. So you are mosting likely to be ready up.
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